Who is Péron

‘Entrepreneuring’ comes from the heart
although for Péron van Stralen it is more.

He says:IMG_0153

“We are living in a world of EGO driven mentalities and entities. Although this is in flux.
More and more people are seeing that this is not working any longer. The profit maximization driven organization that is not focused on filling needs, but only wants, is on its move to destruction. In the economic world described by well-known Austrian Economic Dr. Joseph Schumpeter called ‘Creative Destruction’ explained to me by the Dutch well-known Economic Prof. Arnold Heertje whom I had an inspiring lunch with in summer 2012. He asked me: “Péron, you explained how you look at the economic system from your point of view,” which I just explained to him with my drawings. He queried “now what is your problem?” I answered: “I don’t have a problem.” He answered: “So tell the people, spread your word, and let them see.”

However, it’s not exactly the same as Schumpeter had described, although it has similar results. These companies, which are grown just by developing in another direction than the original founder meant and do not have a clear contribution, are doomed to disappear”.


His drive is to inspire these entrepreneurs, owners, and companies to change direction. The change comes not from directive but inspiring leadership. Known throughout change management, change starts with one’s own change. Change of perspectives and actions. Due to his international ambition he prefers to work in English, however he is Dutch and lives in The Netherlands. Because, he says: “It’s not only Dutch, it’s a global issue.  It’s about time to avoid lots of losses, mostly for humanity.”


That’s why he has the ambition to create the global BACKBONEABLE MOVEMENT. A movement of entrepreneurs, business owners, and their companies committed to make a difference on the planet for the long and short term. Change starts with other perspectives for oneself. He says: “I cannot change the world. But you can. Through your change of view, your change of perspective. Your society is changing.” It happened for him already.


What Yuri Pelser from Y-productions said in Dutch:


Joining the Backboneable Movement

Looking for your company to approve backboneability? Join the Movement and take your step to contribute with your company from the core.