Starting a business is simple! Getting it of the ground is another thing.

What is your #1 issue to get a business of the ground?

What is your best tip to get in business?

– Read Richard Bransons book: ‘Screw it let’s do it!’

As I planned to launch the business after this summer I thought last week and today, don’t procrastinate it again and again. It’s so stupid. Are you an entrepreneur? And quite OK? If you knew it before, how it is now, you started your business earlier? You should. That’s what I said about after I started my first business. It’s still running OK and growing well.

Now as I turned it in a way, I have clear pictures in mind, where it’s going and what it will do. It hooks me.

So please help me in this conversation by filling in your questions or visions in the text-box below,  where I can help you with in the coming time. I would really appreciate it to help this world of financial economics into real economics to create a far, far better place. For ourselves and our children. Everyone!

Create it great! & BE NOW. On BACKBONE-ABILITY.

Péron van Stralen

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