Conversation The Netherlands Authority Consumers & Markets

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation. I was invited by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets.

Socially Accepted Bribing

They read my Dutch book MVO (2011) (CSR -> SAB:  Socially Accepted Bribing). As I am busy in the Dutch Elevator World to stimulate fair playing business by delivering awareness about stakeholders in the world, the governmental organization is interested in how it works with consultants, in this case, in the Elevator World. For those organizations that are having a mayor influence on the markets, there might some rules needed. I don’t like them so much. My idea is to promote more awareness about how people are acting and having earning models.

Follow the money

‘Follow the money’ is a common known saying you could use for recognition of the color the advise or message from the sender is. Every day I am confronted with the information is coming my way. I do use unconsciously my filter for this sentence: is the message a commercial message driven by primarily money or by a bigger reason? Do you use filters for the information you let come to you? And how is your message colored? Are you aware of of the power or influence you have with your message?

Money involved

There where there is directly money involved, colors can quit easy changing. What is your mayor strategy to keep straight about your message? Please fill in your strategies below in the text-box.

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