Backboneable Business Awareness Extended Lunch

Hi there,

This is the first note I wanted to share here, because you are in my Backboneable group on Linkedin If you’re not a member yet go and request for joining.

You probably are thinking about vacation at the moment. Besides the thoughts about what is happening in the world out there, about wars and unwanted consequences. It might be closer to you. These hard issues we are facing  are making an impact on our lives. On what you’re doing. What is important for you to do. FreedEGO-3D

As you might know I presented my latest book Freed EGO on February 1st this year. As I do think about a moment in life realizing time by time that physical life is fragile. At these moments I experience the question is coming up: what if…..


I am not there anymore tomorrow, what is for me the highest priority to leave a legacy?

My answer on that is to write down thoughts and doing those things that could help and inspire others? What I experienced in the last couple of years during my entrepreneurship, is still having rollercoaster experiences in my mind. Still after 12 years. Does that sounds familiar to you?   The big difference is that it’s impact is making more positive experience now than  more than 10 years ago. I remember one day then, in my business life, that I thought that my business  was busted by an ending business relationship. What I experienced than was that it pushed me to change my mind-set to think more different and found ways to get out of that so thought busted period.

By the methods I use now daily, which I described in my book it’s really helpful and gives me the daily power and the gratefulness about what is. The experience of who I am and what I have to do the make a difference in the world. OK it might sound idealistic for you. But I think anyone can make a difference in the world.   After my vacation time I am organizing my first experience to get business owner together during 1 day experience to figure out how we can make a difference together. So to bundle our power to make that difference for the positive. I dedicated myself to share thoughts about how I handle these unwanted or unexpected emotions and thoughts who are breaking you down, turn in to useful tools.   I created this group Backboneable about a year ago, to start to create a global movement to influence millions of people’s lives for the positive. Do not think immediately about as we cal it in Dutch goat woolen socks thoughts from the 60’s or something woolly. No, I am dead serious about it to make that difference. For sure with fun and happiness.

The urgency is there. It has to be started now. What I am seeing in our global systems is big misleading information spread by entities who are like to control people. Where humanity is getting vague. Properly businesses are needed more than ever. It is no longer Acceptable to mislead and big companies who are making our society sick are losing the power easy by the people. We are living in the era of accessible information and fast. The biggest chances are there for these companies who are daring to share their visions and daring to take care. Now the vision from a company starts by the leader of that company. Sharing your vision in clear language and daring to share what you stand for is not always that easy. Because of all kinds of beatings, as a friend of mine calls it, are happening on your path. It’s a part of my mission in  life to help people to live with that feeling of abundance in any circumstances.  Even in the worst moments. I managed it to find my system. It’s not completely new. The way how I can tell is new. For me.

I’ve been reading a lot of books on these issues about how to handle your mind, upcoming thoughts, emotions and behavior. Think about books I’ve read from Viktor E. Frankl, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, David Hawkins, and more. Now I, as I assume so, can express about it so simple and let people experience it right away, I definitely cannot afford to procrastinate to start to help people in a more structured way. I have an urge. So now I shared this with you I do have a request. Although this Backboneable Movement is for anyone who feels connected with the idea about doing business from the heart, I would like to invite these business owners who are feeling that urge to make that difference right now. To join for a Backboneable Business Awareness Extended Lunch (10:00 – 16:00) on the 21st and/or 22nd of August in the Netherlands on a quiet comfortable remote place,  to start the second half of this business year with fresh thoughts and great new strategies.

Are you that business owner, who feels to connect with a group of like-minded people and dare to share in a safe environment how you are using your strategies and are willing to listen to other’s strategies to keep standing straight? Please send me an e-mail. I am very careful about who I would have in a room. As told I am very serious about it and want to know why you are like to come. Because it is NOT for everyone. Don’t get me wrong. I do not say  you are not good enough or not qualified. The people who will be there are very serious on making a difference for the world instead of going for fast money without creating real value with their business. Probably you wouldn’t be connected if your only after getting rich fast. The definition about being rich can be different as I define it. So I wish you for the short term a great summer and would love to hear from you when you are in for that Extended Lunch.

Create it great & live it now,

Péron van Stralen.

PS. Oh by the way, when you are having ideas to create more kinds of activities to share thoughts off-line form this group or connected to it, please let me now. PPS. When it will be a group of Dutch speaking people who are showing up, I can do it in Dutch. I assume that English wouldn’t be an issue for you. Because this is a global group the first language will be in English and when it needs to be changed I will try to adapt. PPPS. When you join at the Extended Lunch you will get:

  • personal signed copy of the Book Freed EGO
  • access to a video coaching program

And You will walk away at the end of the afternoon with at least 7 like-minded Mastermind Business Owners in your network! How valuable is that? Are you worth it to prioritize your time for your mission in life?

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