What’s it about?


Have you ever wondered

why our financial systems are stuck at this moment?



Businesses are vulnerable, even if they are multinational?

Why banks are creating systems of membership that people get sucked into?

Why politics is losing control of the so-called economy?

Hi, my name is Péron van Stralen, and I want to explain a little about what this is all about.

The questions above have been in my mind a long time. I couldn’t find the answers until I took a course for entrepreneurs in 2011. I learned some simple new skills and got lots of insights  in one weekend. It was amazing what happened during that weekend.. I was stunned to recognize why and how these questions were answered in one weekend. After I came home, I had to start writing my first book and, in less than 3 months, I had my first printed books in hand. In Dutch. Because I’m a Dutchman.


This book I wrote is about the whole system of our economic system in a short explanation what I learned during the last 22 years in my working life in the Elevator World and life. There went so many things wrong because of business systems that are highly productive for sellers, but bloody bad for buyers. And it’s quite simple to influence these systems from a buyer’s side if you recognize them and get them in charge of the buyer with the knowledge that it still has benefits for the seller.


As you know in our world, it is only functioning right and lasting if both sides are happy with the deal when you do business. There needs to be a balance. That’s why my personal and business (what’s the difference?) mission is to bring balance to the negotiation table when doing business.


My first business I started in the Netherlands is to help elevator and building owners to be the BOSS of their OWN WALLET. (As I say so in Dutch). Due to the business trainings I took and still take I get a clearer vision about why and how to follow my dream. As you should do as well if you aren’t already. To follow my dream is to help people to get insights into how to prevent being dependent on financial systems that are controlled by big businesses. So, how to do that is where it all starts….. in business and to do it BACKBONEABLE.

Next planned live event: The Power of WHY Experience at April 21st 2016. Push the button below for more information.

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